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Welcome to The Realm Of Concepts

Providing custom 3D solutions geared toward real-time interactive immersive experiences. We provide content (from simple to complex models, including interactivity, sound, animation), connectivity (such as AjaX3D), and world servers for completely database-driven content.

Projects have included:


Social Scenes (similar to Second Life)

Military Applications (battle ship mooring simulation)

Brainwave analysis and visualization

Vehicle Configuration

Augmented Reality for Advertising, GPS applications, virtual 'try it on' (clothing, cosmetics, etc.)

Home Design


We also do custom web sites for small businesses. Specializing in Javascript

Contact via Facebook why not: Dave Arendash on Facebook

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Leap Computing

I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.com
Site Under Construction

Welcome! This site is currently under (re)construction. Please bear with. In the mean time, please visit these related sites:

DaVoice - Dave's Voice-over stuff

Unreal Realm Of Concepts - Dave's Unreal game stuff

Presenting Earth - Google Earth presentation engine for fun and profit

GeoSherpa - Design and build homes, museums, resorts using robots

3D A La Carte - Want web-based 3D for just about anything?

Also: Expert in auto-stereoscopic displays, from 2 to 9 views. Well-versed in all things Kinect.


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