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(If you plan to use any of these ideas, at least credit me with inspiration, original concept, whatever).

If you want to discuss more ideas on top of these, email me.



Not that pretender that's out there, the real deal, baby. Two men enter, one man leaves. This will likely be a feature in the planned Barter Town, which will be a small desert village, with Auntie's elevated home and Underworld. Could really use a Master-Blaster character model! The sounds are in there. See the Readme file for more info. This level is not ready for prime time, not play tested, just not polished. About 30% complete. How it got leaked to Nalicity, I don't know, so here it is anyway.

Escape From Thunderdome

Possibly linked to Thunderdome, could work as Deathmatch, but CTF or Assault may be more interesting. One side is the train, guarding the little man. The other is on a fleet of wacky vehicles dodging and weaving about, chasing the train. Landscape flys by at high speed. Yeah, we've seen stuff a bit like it, but let's get some movers out there, not just a scrolling texture. Hop from vehicle to vehicle to achieve your goal. Careful though, watch those rocks and trees whizzing by, as the cars will move to either side of them.

Pool Hall

Pool Hall

Pretty standard stuff. You are mouse-sized, running around, on, and inside a pool table. Inspired by DMBreakfastSpecial, but these textures are just placeholders, not final. Please authors, thanks in advance, but I like making my own. About 30% complete. Planning on more balls and cues, possibly moving. Would be interesting to be chased down a tube by a large 8-Ball, Indiana Jones style.


Three floating chunks of land stacked in space, one Heaven, one Hell, one Earth. All pretty themed. Considering Highway to hell (slippery slope), stairway to heaven (hold the rail, do not spit over the side). Die in Heaven or Hell, reincarnate on Earth. Earth may be something archetypal, like Stonehenge, or more metaphoric. Like, one side is a cathedral, the other a strip club. Down the middle, the deep chasm of ignorance, bridged by bridges of Tolerance and Understanding. Anyway, die in church, spawn in Heaven, die in strip club, spawn in Hell. Fall through chasm, long way down to splat in Hell, but manuever to the portal of devine forgiveness half-way down and drop in low over Heaven (still high enough to take big damage though). Fall from heaven, splat on earth or continue through the chasm. (EZkeel has just done something a bit like this, go get it! DM-Testimony)


Donut of DeathHoley World

A bunch of pre-fab planets of varying size and roundness. Yep. You can run around on the surface of a planet. Go far enough, you come back to where you started. With proper scaling and gravity, you could jump into orbit, raining death like a CIA satellite. I swear to God, Snake! See this Tutorial for some real 'simple' examples. I always wondered why I've never seen this type of thing before. I found out. It's freaking difficult is why. Until you know the tricks :-)


"When the Planet Krypton exploded..." Floating chunks of land, pointing radially out from a central core. From a distance, looks like the planet just exploded. You can jump from one chunk to another, and even plummet through the middle to end up on the other side.



A large ring in outer space, landscaped on the inner surface, it rotates to produce gravity. Walls hold the air in. Inspired by the SciFi novel. My version is smaller (in the book it circled a star). Has 'volcano' and lake, both caused by meteor impact. See this Tutorial for tips on accomplishing this.


Inspired by Puzz3D puzzles.


DM or Assualt aboard a flying 747 jumbo jet. Inspired by Air Force One, Executive Decision, Turbulence, etc. Earthquake effect provides convincing air turbulence. Too much damage to hull brings 'er down, so terrorists, check your targets.


Combat inside my refridgerator/freezer.


Like the cover of the Yessongs album


The library from the movie of the same name. A multi-story labyrinth of rooms and stairs and secret passages, large open interior.


Duke it out in a shades-of-gray textured farm, then ride the cyclone to Oz, follow the yellow brick road through Munchkin Land, the Evil Forrest, and Emerald City. Hit the ruby button 3 times to come home.

Electrical Storm

Stormy weather
This is a simple example map, but it has all the elements. A killer bolt, skybox and ground effect lighting, secondary flashes, rolling thunder. Go ahead, Ben Franklin, go grab that Redeemer. It's on a hill and made of metal. Tutorial here. Apologies for crummy screen shot, the map looks better than this. That's the truth or may God strike me dead! (ZZZaap) ouch


CTF. Say no more.

Here is a work in progress - Stonehenge the way it was before the decay. I converted a model from (and many thanks to them) to make this.

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